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The Wonder Twins Meet the Minnesotans, Part I:
Georgia and Jerry

Auntie Georgia, Uncle Jerry, David (dad), and Cathy (mom)

"Hey, Georgia...I think you're pretty cute." said Jerry. "Will you marry me?"

"Why yes, I think you're pretty cute, too..."

and then there were 5...


May 1st 1965 - May 1st 2009! We love you very much!!!


Sonjia Hill said…
Oh, I'm typing through my tears! This 'tribute' to my parents is just awesome..thankyou Julie!! They have inspired me through their devotion to each other, their humor with each other, and most of all, their love for each other! They have been my stronghold through my whole life, and I am honored to call them my Mom and Dad! Happy Anniversary to my 'Mama and Daddy-O'! I love you both so much! Sonjia Molkenthin Hill

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