Noble Women: Midwestern Mothers and Daughters

Malinda Arilla Speakman 1872-1943

L-R: Great Great Grandpa Sterling, Archie, Cora (back row), Ritta ("Don't call me Nellie"), Malinda, and Uncle?

The youngest daughter of Stephen Speakman and Nancy A. Noble, my great great grandmother Malinda's mama passed away when she was barely 10 months old.

Ritta, 1900-1989

L-R: Marie, Ralph, George, and Ritta holding Grace

My Grandma Marie

L-R: Marie, Ritta Marie, Cathy Marie, and ME...Julie Marie : )

Auntie Georgia

Georgia with Shelley and Sonjia Marie

Georgia with baby Jerad

My mama, Cathy

Mom and Bryan David after 36 hours of labor!

"How do I keep looking so fresh after a long day with 2 busy boys? A little Pine Sol, and two dozen chocolate chip cookies!" Mom with Jeffy and Bryan

Nurse Cathy Marie then...

And now, with...

Mom, Grandma, and Auntie Georgia, Issaquah, Washington

Mother's Day week 2008

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Love, Julie Marie

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Sonjia Hill said…
Oooooooh, I LOVE THIS! SOOO COOL! The first picture of Great Grandma(Ritta), is awesome. You can tell it's her, even with how young she is there! And I love the pictures of Grandma Marie...oh what a gem she is. What a legacy she passed down of how to be a strong, gentle,godly woman. And that's how I see your Mama, and my Mama also! And that's how I want to be!
And can I just say, I think our Mama's look SO beautiful for having just given birth, in those pictures!! :-)
I remember those dresses that my Mama made for all three of us! I thought I looked so pretty! Hee!
You did an awesome job, Cous!! Looking forward to more posts! Love U!
Sonjia Hill said…
Ohh, the last two pictures are GREAT! The 2nd to last one cracked me up!!! And the last picture made me tear up!! Sniffle!
mimi charmante said…
What a gorgeous group of women~ Such a lovely tribute to them.

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