Cousin Julie...

My cousin Shelley and I have been writing back and forth to each other like crazy for the last couple of days. Shelley lives in her native Minnesota and I live in Washington State, where I was born and bred. We have been discussing Jane Austen adaptations, Masterpiece Theatre Classics, and Keanu Reeves' movies, etc... We were wondering why we hadn't really discussed these things since she came to live with us for a bit when I was 15....more than twenty years ago!!!! I asked my cousin whether or not she thought that Keanu Reeves should be a lovely conservative man and feel the need to move up to the mountains whilst between films... and work, hands on, on a good The Little Red Shop's bungalow expansion...and fall madly in love with me... Shelley agreed, and thought that that was indeed a wonderful idea. She said that some men age very well, and that he is one of them. I told her that I hoped he wouldn't show up at the door that very moment because I, in fact, had curlers in my hair and was wearing a hoodie with aqua and pink rose flannel pajama pants tucked into my socks. Shelley replied, "No, that just sounds like typical Julie! HA!" She went on to say, "DO you know I had to refer to you as 'the one in the hat' for years to my girls so they knew who I was talking about? You wore a hat at my sister’s wedding." With that, I sent Shelley some new reference material for her girls...from Cousin Julie..."the one in the hat..." : )


We live in Washington, where is your shop?

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters

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