The Cottage Charm Giveaway!

A little red pen and a pretty pad of paper...then snip, snip, snip. I folded and gathered the names of all of the lovely ladies and placed them in a small glass fish bowl. Randomly choosing the winners of my "Cottage Charm" giveaway goodies the "old-fashioned" way...was a perfectly calming thing to do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!


Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for participating in my first giveaway and for following The Lil' Red blog! I have an endless list of ideas in store to share with you! Now, I'm off to visit all of your pretty pages! God Bless You!

Twice Remembered is hosting their third annual "Cottage Charm Giveaway!" As a fairly new blogger, this is my first year participating. What fun! To enter, just leave a comment under this post by May 30th, 2009. (revision: I am going to be crazy busy tomorrow, so you have more time! Please place your entries by May 31st! : ) The Little Red Shop's giveaway goodies include…

One Lily & Pad Teacup and Saucer + One Sugary Sweet Votive Candle

Hmmm...the one with the cream ribbon, or the pink...? That's up to you!

Follow the Lil' Red Blog and you will also be entered to win this lovely address book.

What's this? Butterscotch, Lemon Chiffon, or Lilac? The choice of the lily color is up to you, too!

Hmm...what else? Just write, "froggie!" in the comment section if you would like to enter for a chance to win Bearington's "Croak" rattle and an heart~shaped bath fizzie.

You may leave comments for both prizes, but can only win one. Please specify your preference. For more information on this wonderful event, click this link…

(This give-away is now closed)

For more photos…and to receive regular updates on my fabulous junking adventures and restoration projects, please follow The Little Red Shop's facebook page.  You can also visit us via My Favorite Find , Twitter and Pinterest.


LukesLove said…
The lily pad cup is so cute! Thanks for a chance to enter!
What a darling giveaway you are having. I can't pick just one to enter as I'd be delighted to win either drawing. Please enter me into both. As for a preerence, that's tough, but I'll choose the first one with the address book.
Thank you for the chance to win such wonderful things.


daretadream (at) q (dot) com


daretadream (at) q (dot) com
Unknown said…
This is the cutest giveaway!! I would love to win this :)

Froggie :) We love frogs in this house :) I have a five year old who absolutely loves them to pieces and he got so excited when he saw your adorable blog banner!! What a pretty blog you have :) I am going to add you to my follwers list right now. I need a new address book and that one is so pretty!

I am participating too and hope you will enter mine. If you love pink that is, lol! Welcome to blogland, you will love it :)

Oooo, that purple lily is sooo pretty (I'm such a sucker for teacups!). I follow you too. Thanks for offering these. ; )
Unknown said…
Okay :) I am now following your blog and look forward to more visits :)
Anonymous said…
oh man I love frogs!!! please enter me to the froggie giveaway!!:)
minishoes1 said…
I would love to be entered to win the lovely teacup and pad. So pretty!I hope I am doing this right. I also follow. What a fantastic giveaway! thanks
she dreams big! said…
Lovely blog! The lemon chiffon teacup is adorable. By the way -- 'froggie'. Please sign me up!
Anonymous said…
I would like to win the lilac cup. Thanks for participating in the fun. Debbi

P.S. I l love that Jim Reeves song. Precious! Thanks for sharing. :-)
Barbara Jean said…
Oh how fun the way you have your entry set up.

I'm feeling a little 'froggie' this morning, but i can still laugh!

Hope i win all that cute stuff and the friends book is wonderful!!

Barbara Jean

PS I am in the giveaway too if you have not been over already.
Barbara Jean said…
me again!
I just signed up to follow you to frog land too, so please enter my name twice.

thanks and have a great day.

barbara jean

Sicne i can only win once i will choose the friends book and white candle (if that is how it works).
I rarely have time for a bath anymore. =0)
908sunshine said…
love the lilypad saucer! count me in!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I love that teacup!
Lisa said…
Froggie!!! Oh I just love all your goodies! Thanks for offering!! I will go right now and follow your lovely blog. That really is the best part finding new blogs to explore!
HUgs, Lisa
Julie said…
"froggie" please enter me in your giveaway-thanks your blog is "charming" :)-I am follower of your blog also
windycindy said…
Hello! I collect cups and saucer and yours is fabulous. Please count me in for the lovely chiffon cup and the saucer. I am a fan/follower of your blog! Many thanks, Cindi
Debra said…
I love all of them! Please enter me for the lilac cup and saucer. Visit my blog to enter my giveaway. I will be following your wonderful blog.
Carla said…
Adorable! Love those teacups. Please add me to your list!
chasity @ the wild raspberry
wendy smedley said…
thanks for sharing your home with us and would be thrilled to win any of your lovely items
Christine said…
What a cute little froggy you have on your blog header!!!

Christine said…
I truly love your lilly pad tea cups. They are beautiful! Thanks for hosting a giveaway. I hope you checked mine out!

Marie said…
Love your giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win.
RobinBirdsNest said…
Oh my! Love your giveaway! and I love your blog1 I would have to choose the lilac lily!! so cute!!
Please enter me! Thanks so much for the chance!
NicNacManiac said…
Your giveaway is lovely, thank you so much, I love purple know. I am a new blogger as well and you have done a great job. I am also a follower.

Thank you,
Toronto Girl said…
Love it all, especially the froggie!
VintageCrafter said…
froggie!!!!!I love your giveaways and would be thrilled to have my name entered! Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful "prize".
Decor To Adore said…
Oh this giveaway is so sweet I am as green as a "froggie" with the chance to win.

I hope you'll enter my giveaway as well.
I adore your giveaway swag! Please add my name to the hat. :o)
Oh My Goodness! So sweet! I love the lily teacup and saucer! I would love to be entered! hugs, Ellen

p.s. I have a giveaway too!
I am now a follower too! hugs, Ellen
Christy said…
I adore froggie! Thanks for your sweet giveaway!! I followed you too!
Elizabeth said…
Very magical indeed! I love your giveaway...froggie!
luverlie said…
I like the butterscotch color. And the pink ribbon on the votive. I check out your blog often - it's in my fave's. Froggie is nice and would like to win, but the first one would be my first pick.
Thanks for such lovely prizes.
jninecostumes said…
I love your lily pad cup and saucer. So adorable. And my favorite color is lavender, so I would love the lilac one.
Bonnie said…
The lilac lily teacup and the pink votive holder... the frilly girl in me is dancing for joy!!!
Jessica said…
What lovely gifts! The purple cup is precious!! I have not seen one like that before. Please enter me!

Have a fabulous weekend! :D
Ginny said…
Both giveaways are great, I love the first one though!
MMmmmmmm teacups and saucers, and in lilac! Count me in!

Froggie-would be a lovely addition to my new grandson's animal bedroom!

Anonymous said…
The teacup set and candle are lovely! Please enter me!
Arlene said…
Please enter me in your fabulous drawing. Thanks a bunch!!!
Froggie. I just love frogs. Please enter me.

Hugs :)

carolynishis said…
I adore all of the prizes.please enter me.I follow your blog.

Tam said…
oh I'd love to win that cute cup and address book.

Tam said…
oh, I'm following your blog too.

Jingle said…
That tea cup and saucer is so cute! And I love the froggie!
Michele said…
What awesome giveaway prizes!!! I'd love to be entered into your lovely giveaway, and my choice of prize would be for the first one....the votive is especially pretty!!

I'm also going to sign up as a follower of your blog.

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)
Butterfly Whispers
Michele said…
I'm now following your blog! :-)

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)
Butterfly Whispers
I would love to win the Lily pad cup please.
Anonymous said…
I hope I am not too late. I love your site and collect teacups.


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