26 May 2009

April Showers...

Here's a Lil' Red Shop sample featuring Miss Marcia Jean & her dear boy…
Spring 2007, Marcia's baby shower in Los Angeles was quickly approaching and unfortunately, I couldn't go. So, what was a girl to do? Hmm....a shopgirl, that is…

Bugsy rattle, Skipit book, Skipit Buddy Blanket, and The Original Pup Coat and slippers (below) by Bunnies By The Bay

The "lil' doggies" arrived just in time for Marcia's Cowboy Shower

….and for her dear li'l boy!

Mama and Baby photos via Marci H., & Marcia. 

 Thank you, Maash!

What a cutie!!! 

 A special delivery, indeed! God bless you darlin' boy & your sweet mama!!!

: )

Julie M.

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