Alice and the Big Brown Rabbit

My friend Alice kidnapped me yesterday. She called and said, "What are you doing? Have you seen the sunshine today?" "What?" I responded. "Get ready, I have the dogs in the truck and I'll be at your house in a minute." "Where are we going?" I asked. "Just finish getting ready. I'll be there in a minute!" She demanded. "Okay." "What???" "Okay." "Are you serious?" Alice asked in shock. "Yeah, I'll be ready in a minute. Where are we going?" I asked again, but Alice refused to tell me that we were going for a walk in the woods a few miles from our little neighborhood. In the past, I've requested far too many rainchecks when my friends have called to ask me to do something fun with, I've finally decided to be less of a hermit and to cash in on some of those checks. Thus, Alice was shocked. At the beginning of our woodland journey, I saw this cool fuzzy tree. Alice took the picture with my camera. A couple of miles later, Alice stopped suddenly and said, "JULIE! LOOK! A BUNNY! It's over there...can you see it??"

"How cute! A bunny! LOOK!" Alice said happily. "It moved!" Alice held back the dogs...

...while I left the trail and went in for a closer look. "Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!"

I was able to get closer...and even closer to the bunny to take some more pictures. As I headed back to the trail, I could see Alice beaming as she said, "I can't believe it!" You see, the bunny had REALLY let me up close without running away. I smiled...and showed Alice the close-up pictures.

No wonder that rabbit was so slow.

From this angle it looks much more like a tortoise than a hare!


Kasey said…
what a fabulous friend you have.
Sounds like a treasured day...

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