30 July 2010

Destination ~ La Push Beach

July 2010

Isn't it dreamy?
(No, that's not mine...but I think it's quite pretty too!  : )

La Push is home to the Quileute Nation...

...and the westernmost zipcode in the contiguous United States....98350.

Although it was just a wee visit...

...I took dozens of photographs.  To see more of my pictures from La Push...please visit me on Flickr!

Thank you!

I have to run.  Peep is hollering at me from upstairs (She is great!)...and I need to get some good rest.

I'm going on a little road trip!

I hope that YOU have a beautiful weekend!

: )

Julie M.

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26 July 2010

Forks ~ On The Road...

When last we met, I was driving around Lake Crescent on the ever so stunning Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

Little did I know, earlier in the week, that I would be heading down this road. 

I think that my friend Alice was a bit surprised when I accepted her invitation to go camping near Port Townsend with over 30 members of her extended family & friends.  

If truth be told...

I've been quite a bit of a hermit for as long as Alice has known me...and she and her sisters, along with our friend Olivia...have gotten pretty tired of my pooping out on their parties and asking for rainchecks.

So, this summer...I decided to cash them all in and thus, I've been hitting the road...again...and again.

I've also been thinking that I should be making the most of the beautiful state in which we live.  Even though our neck of the woods is absolutely breathtaking...I know that there is more to see.  My hermit decade is over.  I can't help it.  When I get the bug I just keep going.  I spent the 90's traveling...but would you believe that the last time I rode on a plane was in 1999?


I've also always been fascinated by places like Maine, Nova Scotia, and Ireland.  I visited the former...on a midnight run to the L.L. Bean outlet with a couple of cute Dartmouth boys way back in the day.  It was pitch black...so, that doesn't really count as experiencing Maine, does it?  I saw Ireland from the air, and have only experienced Nova Scotia from places like the pages of Victoria Magazine...they don't really count either...do they?

So, when Alice invited me to spend the weekend on the Olympic Peninsula...I jumped at the opportunity.  Her family is pretty amazing too, by the way.  It's impossible to not feel welcome with that bunch.  I took hundreds of pictures of our actual "camping time."  I'll save some of those for another day and fill you in now on where I landed...when everyone else went home.

 I pondered the idea of taking a side trip all weekend.  It was my first visit to the peninsula since I was a wee child...so, the thought of heading back home after just seeing one little corner of it was a little difficult for me.  My memories included driving through the misty rainforest with my family and visiting the cabin of old friends of my folks.   As if it were yesterday, I can picture standing and watching the husband show my brothers and me how he hand tied flies.

misty woods & fly fishing tales


I was intrigued.

I hit the road and headed west.

As I drove along the twists and turns of Lake Crescent, the clouds began to thicken.  By the time I'd left the water behind, the once beautiful afternoon...had turned into this...

The wettest place in the contiguous United States.

I didn't plan to stay long.  I had somewhere else to go...so, I just made a couple of quick stops.

If you'd care to take a walk in the woods behind the high school...beware of large bears...

tourist traps

and homeschool moms who encourage you to read ALL four of the Twilight books, and invite you to attend triple feature events in their homes which include the midnight opening of the latest movie and new friends with glittering faces.

What fun!

 : )

If you're still following, thank you!  


I'll be heading back on the road and over the bridge to La Push!

Have a beautiful week!

: )

Julie M.

24 July 2010

Happiness is...

...a little hike.

 Fort Townsend State Park

I hope ya'll are having a groovy weekend!

: )

Julie M.

21 July 2010

Hurricane Ridge II

I certainly hadn't planned on visiting Hurricane Ridge a week ago Monday...but that's exactly where I ended...UP!





"Hello, Canada!!!!"

The Olympic Mountains

A couple of gals...including a ranger...said that it was just a short trip up to the ridge...a sight not to be missed.  Thinking it would be a lovely 1/2 hour drive through the scenic woods...I paid the $15.00 fee and headed up the road.

Within minutes...I was huddled forward...hugging the steering wheel like a little old lady...saying to myself, "DO NOT LOOK DOWN!!!"

You see,  the "lovely scenic drive" takes place on a 17 mile serpentine 2-lane road...on the face of a 5,200 foot mountain!!!!!

I'm sorry that I didn't stop and stand on the edge for you...to catch some shots...so you could really get the drift of it.


I finally made it to the top!

Thank goodness they had this tiny little sidewalk...otherwise...the hills might be alive with the sound of...



Isn't it breathtaking?

It was truly lovely, and I was glad that I'd ventured up to the ridge...

and said hello to this lil' baby.

It got me to thinking...

...as I was trying not to freak out over the thought of having to drive BACK DOWN THAT ROAD...on the side EVEN CLOSER to the EDGE OF DOOM....

There were several babies... lil' kids...and even a few ACTUAL little old ladies, or two...up there on the mountain.  They looked perfectly happy.


I was only 2 1/2 weeks old the last time I took the trip up Hurricane Ridge....

....no wonder I didn't remember!


I prayed.

I breathed.

I prayed and breathed some more.

I told myself I could drive back down....without actually driving OFF the mountain....

...and seeing the light...

So, I headed back down...it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought.  I don't know if that had anything to do with the fact that there was hardly any traffic.  And...from quite a distance you could see if any cars were heading your way...and...of course, I primarily drove down the middle or the wrong side of the road!!!  

There were 3 tunnels.  Lights were mandatory in 'em....as was not getting out in the middle of the road to stop and take pictures so there would't be windshield shadows showing...I thought it might not be the best time to stick my hand/camera out the skylight either...I'm sure you understand.  Oh, and by the way, National Park People, thank you so much for that itty bitty section of guard rail...I'm pretty sure it was the ONLY one I saw the entire way!!! : p


I made it!

So, where did I up and go the day before I up and decided to drive up the mountain....well...here's a wee clue...just a lil' something I saw along the way....

....and yes...I did stick my arm out the skylight for this one!  (Oops...silly me...it's not open!  I guess I pulled over and stood on the running board!  Ha!  What a gorgeous day!)

Lake Crescent

I hope ya'll are having a glorious week!  Where have the roads been leading you this summer?

: )

Julie M.

(Wow, thank you so much, everybody, for the sweet comments and for the movie tip!  I saw "The Long Long Trailer" when I was just a spring chicken....I'll have to check it out again!  I actually think about it every now and then...isn't that funny?  Lucille Ball was brilliant!)

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15 July 2010

Summer Days....Hurricane Ridge I


I know I've been pretty quiet lately...I've been on the road...again...and again!

Here's a little friend I met this past Monday...up on Hurricane Ridge!

I spent the weekend camping with friends near Port Townsend...then decided to take a little side-trip when everyone else was heading back home.  Want to know where else I ventured???

Stay tuned!

   {I've been taking literally 100's of pictures!}

I hope ya'll are having a beautiful summer!

: )

Julie M.

07 July 2010

Petite Retreat!

A week or so ago my junkin' buddy Alice and I headed north to Camano Island, for Petite Retreat!

First stop...

Liz & Alice

...a sweet visit with Liz from Seabold Vintage Market,  where I bought a lovely roll of fabric for my family room.  Of course, I would've loved to snap up this beauty of a sofa with all of its yummy pillows too!!!

Next stop...

Aren't they fantastic!

I then caught up with Alice at Tippy Stockton...

and spent so much time visiting with Patricia that I neglected to take photos of her beautiful jewelry!!!  Alice spotted one piece in particular...that just HAD to go home with ME!  (and cost just about the price that Alice refused to receive for watching my puppycats whilst I was off on my Midwestern roadtrip!)

Thank you, Alice!

Happy belated birthday to ME!!!  (and thank you SO MUCH to everyone who left sweet birthday greetings!  It was such a joy reading them from the road!)

Now, would ya'll like to see a little Retreat?


Deb and her famous piano bar

Music could be heard....swinging from the rafters!

Oh, what fun!

So many lovely things!

You'll just have to wait and see which treasures I brought home!

Thank you Deb & Bob for putting on such a wonderful show!  We had such a terrific time visiting with ya'll!  

: )

Julie M.

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