29 April 2010

The Cowboy Scoop...


The Wyoming Short Film Contest...


Congratulations, Patrick!

Patrick Mignano as "Lucius Blackledge" and Rob Story as "Howard Prescott"

All right, I know I said I'd be posting about the barn estate sale treasures now...but they will have to wait for another day.  No worries, I have an endless supply of ol' things to share to fill your junkin' fix.  But, you'll just have to hold your horses, 'cause I'm heading 1/2 way to Oregon first thing in the morning (I'll be doing a little treasure hunting with my friend Alice) and one of my old movie buddies is on a deadline.

So, here's the cowboy scoop...

If you're a major movie-watching geek like I am, then you've probably seen my friend Patrick's work as a Location Manager.  So, when it came time for him to produce (and write, direct, and star in!) a Western set in 1881, for the Wyoming Short Film Contest, you'd better believe he knew where to shoot...

...in and around his own "backyard" ~ Cody, Wyoming

Isn't it breathtaking?
(and how cute is this green dresser!)

Click here to read Patrick's two-part blog post about his 18 minute short film.

To view "Absaroka" and to learn more about the Wyoming Short Film Contest, just click here!

Public voting is now closed.  

Thank you to everyone who viewed and voted for "Absaroka!"

If you've yet to see it...enjoy the film!

: )

Julie M.

All Absaroka photos ~ Patrick Mignano

27 April 2010

Dr. Fred, Little Beau, & Goldie Locks...

"Come on..Little Beau,"  said Dr. Fred as he scooped up Peep for this photo-op in the "kitchen" of his veterinary clinic.  Many of the businesses in our community are housed in old homes.  I live in horse and hound country....but the doctor was kind enough to have his picture taken with lil' Peep...whom he said was coming along just fine!  She has made it through her darkest patch.  For those of you who don't know what happened, "Someone tried to eat her," is how the veterinary assistant described it today.  

Thank you so much for your prayers and sweet comments.  Peep still needs them.  I thought you might like to see her, but no worries, I chose not to show the "Phantom of the Opera" side of her sweet pretty face.

Here they are!

How cute it this little fridge!
(The little sweetie pictured on the fridge is my friend Alice's wee niece!)

Thank you so much to everyone at the clinic for taking care of Peep!  

On the way home...I stopped by my friend Shari's pet supply shop.  It's in a small house just a few steps down the road from the clinic. 

"What is your name?" 

asked a tiny little thing the moment I walked in the front door.

"Miss Julie," I replied.

"What do you need?"

"A pooper scooper."

"A pooper scooper?"

she repeated as she turned and headed toward the back of the store...with her mama and me in tow.

Oh, what a doll!  She's two!!!

Keirsten will make a mighty fine Little Red shopgirl someday!

Thank you for letting me post her picture, Dawn!

I hope ya'll had a beautiful day!  

: )

Julie M.

ps  You have two more days to vote for "Absaroka," in the Wyoming Short Film Contest!

26 April 2010

La Bonne Vie...

Some pretty fun things have happened amongst the nuttiness of the last couple of weeks.  Each of April's  Mondays has been full of sweet surprises!

Two weeks ago, Designer Angela Ingo contacted me about a segment she was doing on how to decorate above your kitchen cabinets for "Studio 5" on Salt Lake City's KSL 5 T.V.

So, last Monday....

My blog and several photos of my kitchen soffit were featured live on the show!  What fun!   Thank you so much, Angela!

You can view the entire segment on Angela's blog, Imagine Cozy and at Studio 5.

God wasn't done with that morning yet.

Amongst a few other sweet surprises...I won Heather Bullard's amazingly beautiful and generous Giveaway!


It arrived today!

A signed copy of Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Interiors from Heather and a lovely tote full of treasures from Lori at Vignettes!

Hmmm...maybe these two will have to stay on the road with me!

Thank you so much to Heather and Lori for the lovely gifts!!!

Thank you, Rachel, for inspiring all of us!


Want to see something else really cool and beautiful?

Just click here to view "Absaroka," my friend Patrick's entry in the Wyoming Short Film Contest!


Voting ends in 3 days!

Have a beautiful week everyone!

: ) 

Julie M.

Up next:  A few barn estate sale treasures!

The Peep Report...

Thank you so much to everyone for your concern and prayers for Peep!

She's had another good day!  She spent most of her time relaxing on the welcome mat (which is where she is now), looking out the windows from her perch on a steamer trunk...or snuggled up in her bed.  It was a cool and beautiful day.  She's still eating well.  Her tail doesn't seem to be bothering her as much anymore, in fact, if it weren't for its mid-length shaving and the apricot sized sadness of her cheek and the edge of her left ear...you might not know that anything is wrong.  Her cheek and lower ear damage is severe and I'm not sure how it's going to heal.  Will you please pray that her wee little body will heal back into its proper place.  She will most likely need some reconstructive help from the vet.  Yet, she still doesn't complain.  She gives loves constantly and wanted to investigate inside the main front door today.  Lord willing, she'll be my second retired barn kitty.  Ol' Bud is currently zonked out...sprawled on a pillow on the couch.  

Thank you again for your prayers!  

Peep definitely needs them.

: )

Julie M.

ps  I haven't forgotten that ya'll have asked to see the treasures I found at that barn estate sale a couple of weeks ago.  I have the pictures ready...things have just been nuttier than a two-legged mule around my neck of the woods.  


Thank you for following The Little Red Shop!

  I read and appreciate each and every one of your sweet emails and comments.  I'm just a wee (way) behind in my blog rounds.  


24 April 2010

Prayers for Peep...

Will you please pray for my dear sweet barn kitty, Peep?

I found her a week ago, last Thursday, after several days missing.  She was having a bathe in the corner of the nursery.  I had headed out to the shop to work on a couple of projects...but thought I should give another look for her in front of the bungalow first.  And there she was nestled on top of a small (dry) grassy mound.  She didn't look over when I called out to her....nor did she peep, she just went on bathing her tail.

That was odd.

She had been attacked by another wee creature and had a pretty bad looking injury to her lower left ear and had several bites to her tail.  I took her to the vet....who, praise the Lord, was able to fit her right in at the very end of the day (just after I'd found her).  After taking care of her for a week (in her very own apartment...aka the enclosed front porch), watching her eat well and become more herself again (herself with a horrible wound on the side of her head), I took her in for a follow-up on Thursday.  The vet and staff were quite pleased with her progress and prescribed another course of medicine.

Peep's not looking so well tonight.  

My mom, who is an RN, feels unsteady about how she's doing.

Will you please pray for my sweet lil' Peep?  She is really just the nicest little kitty.


Thank you!

 : (

Julie M.

Saturday Afternoon Update:

Thank you so much for your prayers and sweet comments.  As of this morning, Peep was up eating, wanting out...no way!...and giving lots of loves.  She's snuggled up in her bed now, having some rest.

22 April 2010

Ready and Waiting...

The little breakfast hutch is all clean and sparkly fresh.

It's just waiting to display a few more treasures for you...


: )

Julie M.


I'm still here...

...and I'll be back soon. 

I hope you're having a lovely week!

: )

Julie M.
{Yep, that's me in the teacups!}


Thank you for following The Little Red Shop!

  I read and appreciate each and every one of your sweet emails and comments.  I'm just a wee (way) behind in my blog rounds.  


13 April 2010

Way Down a Mountain Backroad...Another Look

I found some pretty sweet treasures at a barn estate sale over the weekend.

(Their pictures will have to wait for another day)

I just couldn't wait to show you what else I saw...

Poor thing
(Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments...but...um...hasn't anyone noticed a little somethin' funny about that mule?)

Nah...he's good.

I hope that you are having a beautiful week!

: )

Julie M.

12 April 2010

French Country 1908 Giveaway at Sweet as a Candy!

Federica of Sweet as a Candy is hosting another lovely giveaway


Please visit Sweet as a Candy for more details .

Thank you!

: )

Julie M.

10 April 2010

Ma Cuisine, Week III ~ Little Missed Soffit

Wasted space drives me batty.

I don't like it.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself...in case you missed the first two weeks of Ma Cuisine...

I know I said I'd be showing you the nitty gritty before pictures of this side of the kitchen...but not yet.

I want to show you something else first.

As I was saying,

"Wasted space drives me batty!"

"I don't like it!"

So, when I first saw this in the untouched (by me) gross ~ previously rented (and renovated) ~ 100 year old kitchen....

and this...

(Note the lumpy bumpy lathe and plaster walls...and layers and layers of equally lovely paint!)

I knew I had to do something about it!!!

So, I did this...




Mmm...that's sooo yummy!  Just look at all of that delicious space!!!

Now, before we move on, there's something you should know about me.  I'm a pretty thrifty chick.  I like to use what I have before running off to the store to buy brand new materials.

So...when I did this....

(I'll be talking about the plaster treatments I did to even out the previously mentioned lumpy bumpy 100 year old walls...another day.)

I used the facing board from the old soffit to add depth to my newly exposed space.

Like the walls, the cupboards were a little wonky...but this is the "in-between" kitchen.  I wasn't ready for a full-on overhaul.  So, I just started working my way around the cupboards, organically, with materials from previous family projects....

until it looked like this...

A little patching

and a few coats of prime, paint and wax later...

...and I have a perfect place to store some treasures!

The ruffled cake stand came in a set of two ~ An Easter gift from my mama...via me

The wee milk glass plate stand ~  $1.99 St. Vincents ~ It was stuck in a bright blue chip and dip basket

{I immediately re-donated the basket}

I know it's not perfect.

That's the nice thing about dealing with a Frankenstein of a farmhouse...

....less pressure.

The bowls, pitchers, mugs..etc...are thrifty finds from various treasure hunts.

 The Fenton hobnail cake stand is another purchase from my antique dealer friend Thelma's sweet sister, Penny.

I found the scalloped ironstone pedestal bowl at GW last week for around $5.99

The milk bottles are more rescued loot from the bungalow my mom and I moved.

The plates on the second ruffled Easter cake stand are Myott Meakin and Wedgwood.

The embossed teacup under the cheese dome on my newly acquired, gold rimmed, scalloped glass cake stand is also Wedgwood....Wellesley.  I found the cup at GW a few years ago for $1.99 and than found the matching saucers more recently at a different GW...for under a dollar each.  I may have bought the cake stand at a garage sale around the corner for a couple of dollars.  Love that!

Can you see the wee bit of Christmas light peaking up as if to say, "Hello?"

I had the electrician put an outlet up in my new space...and then I attached the Christmas lights to a remotely controlled plug from Costco.  I did this so I'd have a more varied use of the space then if we'd just installed fixed lights.  

I'm pretty happy with how it illuminates some of my cake stands....

 and frosting.

: )

It makes me happy to work with neutral backdrops in my home, because then...

you can do this...

and this...

....with just a few more hops up and down off of the counter carrying stacks and stacks of heavy dishes!

The flowery valance is from Park Designs and was made in India (the ivory curtains were Simply Shabby Chic)  All were fab thrifty finds.

The Portmeirion "Pomona" salad bowl ~ Value Village ~ $9.99

I used to work in a European Country boutique that carried Portmeirion...so that was a pretty happy thrifty find.

I found the provincial couple music box in an antique shop in Billings, Montana...whilst my mom and I were on a road trip to move my grandma out to Washington State from Nebraska.

A nice elderly man gave me the milk bottle with red details....instead of giving it to GW

and I just can't remember where I found the fluted cake stand and lid.  Hmmm...

My friend Alice scooped up the mis-matching clear glass ruffled cake stand and lid at GW whilst we were treasuring hunting in Seattle...and then offered the $9.99 purchase to me.  

What a good friend!

The fluted red bowl was purchased for $4.00 from the Portland, Oregon Anthropology when my mama and I were in town for The National Trust for Historic Preservation's annual conference in 2005.  

We ended up doing more shopping then lecture listening.

Oh, well....

: )

Doesn't everyone keep dish towels on top of their cupboards?

I thought it was pretty.  It's by Kosas...and was also made in India.

When I saw the wee loungin' cow-lidded butter crock at an annual golf course neighborhood garage sale for a buck a couple of years ago...I scooped it up...just in case its packaged twin in my dish room didn't survive the mooove up the mountain.  

It was in the kitchen of my childhood home.

Isn't that great?

Oh, and yes...I do bake cakes! 

{ : from scratch : }

Thank you for visiting my blog!  You can also see some of my soffit photos on television via Studio 5!

Have a lovely weekend!

: )

Julie M.

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pps  Whew!  That's a lot of blog parties!!!  I did NOT make a habit of doing that!  (Julie, 8/9/11)

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