Outdoor Wednesday

Just an average fall day in the mountains…hanging out with Alice, her girlies, and my ol' point & shoot...up at Auntie Kate's.  

Miss Em

Li'l Birdie


Please visit A Southern Daydreamer's 143rd Outdoor Wednesday.

Thank you!

: )

Julie M.


Calling by as another participant from Outdoor Wednesday, thanks for transporting me to your part of the world for a few minutes.
Maggie said…
Lovely post of a relaxing time spent with family.
Gorgeous pooch!
Sonia said…
Beautiful pictures! The girls are adorable and I am a big doggy lover! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photography!!
Miss Bloomers
Barb and Dell said…
It looks like you are having a fun day with the girls in the woods. They are adorable.
How lucky you are to have been able to attend Junk Bonanza. I live only 3 hours away and I was not able to make it.
Thanks for stopping by our blog and the nice comment.
Have a wonderful fall.
Sister Patty said…
If that's what you can do with a point and shoot... I shutter to think what you'd do with a real camera! Hahaha... Lovely photos, Julie!!!
Love Of Quilts said…
Great photos you made with your point and shoot.Thanks for coming by and visiting with me. Trish
i can smell the clean crisp autumn air
in each photo

and imagine myself
running and running
with the wind blowing my hair all
❀~Myrna~❀ said…
They look so happy & carefree , your girls are beautiful !
Thank you, Myrna! They are dolls..but they belong to my good friend and neighbor Alice and her hubby. You can see Alice in the first picture in the post. I haven't been blessed with kids…just cats.

Have a great weekend!

: )

Julie M.
❀~Myrna~❀ said…
Sorry, I need to read slower.Cats are good , I have 6 outside kitties . I love that pic on your banner .
Linda said…
What pretty girls!! It looked like you all had a great day!! Such pretty photos too!!

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