A New Leaf...

A Swedish Mystery....solved!

My paternal grandparents Alice & Ray, with Little David, my dad
 Spring 1943

When I was growing up, we spent quite a bit of time with my dad's Swedish family in Minnesota.  At the time the above picture was taken, my dad's own paternal grandparents, Swedish immigrants who met and married after reaching the States...were living in their home.  His maternal grandparents, however, were already gone to be with the Lord and my grandma...rarely..if ever..spoke of them.

Pretty much all I knew was this...

My grandma was the 13th of 14 children born to Otto and Edla Sofia.  I wish, oh..how I wish that I had thought to ask her more about her family when she was still with us.  I didn't even know what my great grandmother looked like.  I have a fine picture of my great grandpa Otto, with his spectacles and handle bar mustache.     


{Not the best copy...I know..but the picture is too fragile to remove from the frame.}

But my great grandmother Sofie's likeness remained a mystery...

...until a few weeks ago...

I was doing a little research on ancestry.com and happened upon a very rare leaf beside Sofie's name.

A distant cousin had added this picture to my great grandma's page!

And then...whilst looking through my own collection of family pictures I came across this...


Thank you, dear cousin, for solving this mystery for me!

If you are interested in family history and still have elder family members with you...

ask them questions!

I certainly wish I had.  My maternal aunt and I have been extensively researching our family for 2 years.  Ancestry.com has been a wonderful resource.  


is airing on NBC tonight 8/7c!  
(Right NOW for those of you on the East Coast...so go have a look!)

Have a beautiful Weekend!

: )

Julie M.


Farmgirl Paints said…
So interesting to learn about our ancestors.

I made a point several years ago to make videos of our parents and grandparents. I asked them all kinds of questions. Since that time my husband's grandma and dad have passed away. We haven't revisited those tapes, but we have them and that's comforting to know.
That's great! Now that my grandmother is living closer, I'm trying to ask more questions. Thanks for the reminder to continue. Have a great weekend. ; )
P.S. Love that KJV verse!
What a wonderful resource, just like you said! I really would like to delve deeper into my heritage, it's been said that I'm related to the King of Denmark waaaaaay back on my mom's side. Cool, huh? :-)

Have a wonderful week!
Lisa said…
Oh how fun!! I am glad you are finding out. My Grandmother on my dad's side and my Great grandfather on my Mother's side did a TON of research for us. I am lucky!
Hugs, Lisa
I could go on and on and on about this!!! I love geneology. My Dad got me hooked when he began researching our tree. There are so many intersting stories and people to find when you search them out.

and we have watched the Who Do You think You Are (2 episodes now). Love it.

It's wonderful that you were able to put a name to the face in the picture that you have. Priceless.

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