13 October 2009

Pas de Neige!

Snow, snow...go away! Please come back December 1st!

I don't know about your neighborhood...but in my neck of the woods, the winters look like this!

We didn't get our first snow last year until December 12th, if I recall correctly.

Yeah, it started snowing yesterday...and snowed again today. It has been a very faint snow...but it is snow just the same and there is SO MUCH work left to do outside to get ready for "winter."

Ugh! I'm trying not to freak out.

Where did our beautiful crisp autumn weather go? It was here for such a short time! But I know that God is in control..and He is in charge of the weather...so all is good.

I'm still working on the plans for the bungalow project. It won't be bungled...I'm keeping it real. In fact, we are restoring and recycling every single little bit of it that we can. The tiny front porch and large back porch were in terrible condition and had to be removed for the trip down the street. They will be replaced with new lovely porches. The bungalow was only 1 1/2 stories with a big hole in the roof...if you are over 6 feet tall..or wearing a hard hat...you wouldn't have been able to stand up upstairs. We plan to expand the 1/2 story into a full second story and to extend it over both porches. Not much will be changed on the first floor..it needs a new fireplace..the one that came with the house couldn't make the move..and was not appropriate..but I saved the stone and have some cool plans for it. The original house..when it was down the street...had a dark, spooky cellar in which I could not stand up...I'm 5'7". It, along with the house, was completely full of stuff which I sorted before the move. I sorted things in a dark, dingy cellar...stooped over whilst wearing a hard hat with a miner's light on it. That was an adventure...just wait till you see the pictures! I found some of the glass knobs for the glass front kitchen cupboards in a pile of dirt on the cellar floor. The rest were in a small box tucked up in the rafters just above the dirt pile. We now have a full basement under the house. It includes the entire section under the existing house..and the sections under the porches. It will include my craft workshop..along with a section specifically for the kiddos whilst my friends and I work on projects, a laundry/bathroom, potting/mudroom, and storage. Can you think of anything I'm forgetting? What would you include in your ideal workshop?


How is the weather treating you?

: )

Julie M.

08 October 2009

Shhh...I'm thinking...

"Julie is easily distracted whilst sitting amongst friends."  So my elementary school teachers said on their reports...

I really need to concentrate.

I really need to focus.

But...I'd love to hear your ideas...

Because I'm working on the design plan for my new shop!

Housed in a classic 1919 Craftsman bungalow which my mom and I rescued, moved....and are currently restoring...the new shop will have a main floor, a loft floor (think "Soho Artist's Loft"...not church choir loft), and a full walk-out basement to the garden.  I need to get the design plan done for the drafter asap...and your suggestions are welcome!  (Ooh...I have to go.  "The This Old House Hour" season premiere is just starting!)

: )

Julie M.

ps The house came with all of its pretty red windows. And guess what...10 years or so ago, I was blessed with an entire matching set of windows (in their frames..with their ropes and weights!) from a bungalow near the Arboretum in Seattle. They were being placed by the curb JUST as I passed whilst taking a shortcut home from the university. Hopefully, they will come in handy for the expansion!

pps I'm linking this to post to Julia's Hooked on Fridays Blog Party... because I'm hooked on planning...and decorating. How about you?

04 October 2009

Falling Behind...

...but still here...

I hope you have been enjoying beautiful Autumn days...as I've been away visiting with The Wonder Twins...

I'll be back soon. In the meantime, can you tell me what kind of tree this is? It sits perfectly nestled between the central window of my back porch, the Lilac hedge...and the wee barn...in the shade of a great Ponderosa Pine. My handyman, a former Boyscout, tested the berries the other day and said that they are poisonous. It didn't produce berries, in fact, until a couple of years ago when I gave it a good trim.

I have always loved this tree...can you tell me what kind it is?

I hope so...and I hope that you...have a lovely day!
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